Why settle for a template based website when you can have a custom designed website for the same price?

Bruce Titus ~ Owner / Designer of Custom Websites For Less

Custom Designed Small Business Websites at Affordable Prices

You don't have to settle for a generic, "fill in the blanks" website to represent your business. I'll build a website to your specifications, for a fraction of the cost of a custom designed website anywhere else.

If you do decide to use my service to design and maintain your website:

  • You'll get the benefit of my 15+ years of website design experience.
  • I've invested thousands of dollars into website design software so I can create whatever look or functionality your website is likely to require.
  • If you need help with creating the content of your website, I hold a BS in Journalism and I have copywriting experience for Internet, broadcast and print media.
  • I have an extensive background in sales and marketing. I've owned and/or managed a number of businesses, so I have an insider's perspective on small business marketing that I'll use to your advantage.
  • I currently have clients in five states so I can work with you no matter where you are.
Feel free to contact any of my current website clients and ask them if they would recommend me.

What does a website typically cost?

A simple, one-page website with the content in glider panels will cost around $200 to design.

There is also an an initial cost for the domain name registration and the first year of hosting.

The fee for basic domain registration and a year of economy hosting is currently $67.

Northern Nevada Genetic Counseling
is an example of a basic website.

My clients pay an average of around $500 for the design and deployment of their websites.

The current annual renewal rate for my clients is $92. That number shouldn't change much in the foreseeable future.

I can reduce your overall website costs

Reasonable hourly rates

I have very low overhead so I'm able to charge a flat rate of $50 per hour. Most custom website design companies charge upwards of $100 per hour for their design time, which makes even a basic website cost at least $1000. My websites typically cost less than half of what other website design companies are charging for the same work.

Reduced Site Maintenance Costs

  • Affordable Website Hosting: My current annual rate for website hosting is $56... which works out to less than $5 per month.

  • Affordable Domain Names: Newer domain names, such as .co may be higher but standard domain names such as .com and .org are $11 per year. Some companies are still charging $35 per year or more for domain name registration.
  • Inexpensive Site Maintenance Plans: If your website requires frequent updating, I offer site maintenance plans starting at $20 per month. Compare my rates to the other custom website design firms who charge upwards of $50 per month for the same level of service.  I can even set it up so you can do some or all of your own site maintenance and avoid having any maintenance costs.
  • Free Email Account: Each hosting plan comes with a free email account. If your business requires more than one email account, you can purchase five additional email accounts for around $20 per year.

Current Technology


"Platform Friendly" Design

I've recently begun designing my websites to be "platform friendly", which simply means they will render correctly regardless of the device being used to view them.

This is an increasingly important feature as a higher percentage of users access the Internet using iPhone, iPads, Droids, etc.

Gable Haus Inn is an example of a website that automatically adjusts itself depending upon the device being used to view it. If you're viewing the website on a standard size computer screen, you'll see three columns. On a device such as an iPhone, the columns are designed to drop down below each other. The graphics and photos will also resize themselves on a smaller screen.

Use of CSS3

I incorporate CSS3 style coding into my websites. The rounded corners and drop shadow effect on this page are both examples ov CSS3 style coding.

The latest versions of all the major browsers all support CSS3 and the older browsers simply render the page without the added design elements. If aren't seeing drop shadows and rounded corners on this page, it's time to update your browser!

Advanced Features

Glider Panels... Tab Panels... and Elevator Panels

  • The links on the left control glider panels, which glide in from the left or right. Glider panels can have their navigation above, below, or on either side of the panels they control.

  • The box containing this text is an example of an elevator panel. The entire set of elevator panels this box is part of has been embedded inside a glider panel.

  • Tab panels work essentially the same but their design is different.
    To see an example of a tab panel based website, click here.

Slideshows and Image Rotators


This is an example of a simple image rotator.

I also have the capability of doing photo slideshows.

Advanced Navigation

  • Jump Menus
    A jump menu allows for a large number of links in a small screen area. The "Client List" in the opening panel is a good example of a jump menu.

  • Drop Down menus
    A drop down menu is a fancier version of a jump menu. The "Portfolio" link on on my photography website... Bruce Titus Photography... is a good example of a drop-down menu.

Embedded Video

A good example of an embedded video is the landing page I created for VideoMations. You provide the video and I'll put in on your website.

I can also embed YouTube videos virtually anywhere on your website. YouTube videos can also be scaled up or down in size compared to the video below. This YouTube video is Jon Stewart on Crossfire.

Good luck putting a video clip on a generic website. They simply don't have the capability of doing that.

Internet Marketing Capabilities

The Tools You Need

I can provide the tools you need to market your products to the world.

  • Shopping carts, large and small. Big Horn Olive Oil Company is a good example of a website built around a shopping cart.
  • Paypal "Buy Now" for business and "Donate" buttons for non-profit organizations.
  • Contact forms to gather customer data. Click here to see an example.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No website design company can promise top search engine ranking but I will design your website to be as "search engine friendly" as possible. The cost for GoDaddy's "Search Engine Visibility" software and my time to implement it, is currently running at $100. My clients who have employed the Search Engine Visibility have all seen their search engine rankings improve.

If your business has a higher advertizing budget and you're willing to pay for better search engine ranking, we can discuss options such as Google's "Pay Per Click" program.

Doing those things should significantly improve your chances of being found by people searching the Internet for your products or services.

Extra Security

There are lots of bad people out there on the Internet, which is why I build enhanced security features into the links and forms associated with every website I design.


If you think you get a lot of junk mail now, wait until you provide an unencrypted email address on your website for the world to see. The "spammers" have automated programs, commonly known as "spambots" that search the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, looking for email addresses. If you use a generic, website service, I guarantee the amount of junk email you get will only increase with each passing month as more spambots find your email address and add it to junk email lists around the world.

The "Email Me" link at the top of every page on this website, has been encrypted to it can't be read by the vast majority of spambots. There may be some very sophisticated spambots out there that can break the encryption but the vast majority will hit a dead end when the try to harvest email addresses from any of my websites.

Form Hijackers

Forms are especially vulnerable to being "hijacked" and used to send "spam" messages across the Internet. Most of the junk email you receive is sent through hijacked forms on unsuspecting websites. The "Quote Request" form on this site is a perfect example of the extra security features I build into my sites.

  • It features a random code that must be typed into the form. Easy for a person... impossible for an automated program.
  • It also features two hidden fields that are designed to trip up any efforts to hijack the form.

Proofing Prior to Deployment

If you already have a website that needs to be updated, but you can't afford to be without a website while the revised version is being prepared, you have the option of proofing the revised version prior to having it replace your existing website.

An example of this is Pacific Pharmaceutical Services, LLC. There website is currently in the proofing stage. Once it has been polished until it is ready to represent their company on the Internet, it will replace their existing website.

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